MQG Charity Quilt

Remember the quilt I posted, Charity Quilt for Quiltcon 2018,?

Our Deadline is looming and our small little band of independent modern quilters got a late start. Even so, we are making great progress at lightning speed.  I should say our quilter is making progress now at lightning speed. For the moment the rest of us are just perculating with anticipation.  Since we lacked time our thought was to make our design as simple as possible and to have a quilt to present in QuiltCon 2018 in Pasadena.  Not to keep repeating myself, but we are going! And we are so excited to see our quilt hanging with all the other charity quilts made by so many talented quilters. I thought it was high time for a photo stream to show you that we really are on schedule. Take a look…


Our quilter Adrean@quiltfabulous is working hard at creating an amazingly intricate piece of art (so much for simplicity Adrean! Ha). She’s working a lot of love and dedication to her craft into this. None of us could see that coming! But, Adrean’s talent superseded our own ability to see the potential of a fairly blank canvas.

We named our quilt “Mountain of Hope” and we will be presenting it eventually to our  agreed upon chosen charity, Habitat for Humanity.  We can only imagine all the mountains that families have to climb to reach home ownership after climbing out of their deepest darkest debt.  Working alongside many dedicated volunteers while earning minimal wages and raising families they were able to accomplish their dreams. With their hard work and determination they made it possible. We wish to reward them with a cozy quilt representing those mountains that they have conquered, for their new home.

I want to thank my team for all the blocks, quilting and the behind the scene designing and sewing.  Without you ladies, this would not have happened.

Now, I’m waiting to receive it for it’s final prep and binding to ship off  to Pasadena in time to meet our deadline. I’ll keep you posted!

























2 thoughts on “MQG Charity Quilt

  1. Facetfully says:

    Thanks, Jude, for sharing this story! I miss you since you moved away, but I WILL SEE YOU IN PASADENA!!! 😀😀😀 Oh, and I am going to share this post on my blog too…hope that is okay.


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