Quilting for Hugs and Fund Raising

It's always fun to quilt. Every once in awhile it's just as much fun to give them away.  Need a quilty hug? I've gotcha covered. Need a little something to help raise money? Gotcha covered there too.  These 2 quilts were joys to make and even greater to give away.  This top quilt is 60x70, … Continue reading Quilting for Hugs and Fund Raising


Update on My #BigBedQAL

Here's my finished log cabin quilt that I started in January, following Rachel @stitchedincolor #bigbedqal. Log cabin started my life long interest in quilting. Our deadline of April 30th, give ample time to plan my colors and design, then to execute and finish. I did it - yay for me! I have to say, it … Continue reading Update on My #BigBedQAL

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – January Challenge

So, just as promised I received the 1st challenge from trainer Krista Fleckenstein (Spottedstone.com), quilter, publisher of patterns, lecturer and author of "Beyond Cotton" and all about mixed media techniques. She will be featured on Crafty Planner Podcast (Sandi Hazelwood interview) January 4th. I love that she encourages individuality and making our work our own. … Continue reading Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – January Challenge